Hello, everyone. I am Sneha, a part time “Software Engineer” and a full time “Mother” to a beautiful daughter. I moved to Bangalore few years ago and settled here though I still want to live in “Disney Castle”, which implies that I am a grownup who loves cartoons.

I feel that there are so many wonderful things out there so why stick to only one. Considering it, this blog of mine is going to have everything that I do, feel, like and know about. And who knows may be some good might come out of this. Other than working with my laptop and codes I like to travel. I am one of those people who dream of traveling the word. But with the restriction of leaves I get from work, let’s see how far this dream goes. What else, I sketch, like to dance, makeup (new obsession BTW ). I am not a foodie but I cook, because my husband loves food. To know more about me you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Links are on the top menu.

Conclusion, here we are going to have it all.