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This one is dedicated to all the bloggers and people who are thinking of having their own blog. The most difficult part of starting your own blog is, which platform to choose? I am gonna share some information that might help in this area.

Recently I came across blogging platform name “AFFIMITY”.


First thing that strikes is you can log in with facebook account.


No other blogging platform (out of all that I ever checked) does this. Most of us already have facebook accounts so log in becomes very easy here. The other problem that I face with my own blog and I think most of the other bloggers also do is , to like or follow blog you have to have account in particular hosting. E.g. mine is wordpress, so only wordpress users can follow or like my blogs. Off course follow by e-mail option is there but how many of us actually subscribe when we visit some site? On the other hand AFFIMITY has facebook login so most of the population can follow comment, like or share. Keeping track of new articles became so easy here.

If you look at the interface it is so easy and lively. Not like boring site where you only see text. This could be fun for people who doesn’t write but interested in reading about topics that interests them. It allows you to even friend people not only just follow them. Another interesting thing is the editor. It already has built-in templates for Post/Question/Poll/Recipe, so you will invest less time in formatting your blog, which I can tell from personal experience is such a pain some times.


It is like social platform where along with making friends and chatting with them you can also write articles, sounds cool ain’t it. And mobile app is also there to make it handy. It allows you to invite your friends over other social media apps like twitter, pintrest or through E-mails. Overall it looks pretty interesting to me. And as I mentioned earlier it deals with most of the common problems that bloggers face. My advice will be to give it a try, you might like it.

I thought why not do a little demo of creating profile so that people will have actual idea of how it works. So here we go, after opening the site click on sign in/Write Something option that you see and it will present you with the option of login using facebook or you can sign up as new user. I am gonna go with facebook so I do not have to fill all the details and it’s easy to remember. And that’s all it takes. You are ready to post your first article. It also allows you to edit you profile and set various privacy settings. I am going to post a recipe blog here.

Here is the link click here for my first blog post in AFFIMITY, it was fast and easy. Hope to see you all on AFFIMITY.

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