Baby Weaning FAQs

Hey there, you mummas. How is the life with little one? Let’s talk about baby weaning today. I thought instead of writing this blog in traditional way that I do, I will make it more like FAQs. I will answer based on what I followed for my daughter. Let’s get straight to the point, shell we.

When to introduce food to baby?

As per the standards, it is 6 months. I started a when she was 5months old. I would say instead of following the timeline strictly, look for the signs. If your baby is showing interest towards food and able to sit (with or without support). Never feed baby solids or semi solids in lying down position.

What all should be the initial food?

I started with vegetables and fruit purees. Start with just one item a day and continue with same for about two days. Keep your eyes on any sign of allergies and indigestion. If anything like this happens skip that food, at least for few months. My starters were apple (which she seemed allergic to at that time), banana, pear, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots. After two months of same I started with dal water and dalia. My daughter is one year and so far I have never given her serials (Cerelac etc.) , I tried homemade serials but she preferred proper dal rice and dalia over it.

What should be the food consistency?

It should be runny liquid at the start. Babies are used to only milk so make the puree thin, add breast milk or formula. Gradually over a period of month you can change it to bit thicker. There should be strictly no particles to avoid any choking hazard.

How many meals a day?

Start with just one, in the morning. I used to feed my daughter during lunch time, so it will be easier to deal with any kind of situation during daytime. I feed her only 3-4 spoons initially and finish with milk.

What all equipment I need?

I was also very tempted to buy baby food mill and steamer, but then I realised the quantity is very less per meal and I didn’t want to store food and feed her later. So, all I used were regular kitchen vessels, cooker and a fine strainer to make puree. Everything steel. I would suggest not to use aluminium it can contaminate food.

What about cutlery?

Babies do not need much. I use silver wear for regular food now but initially changed to steel as I felt like vitamin c from the fruits were reacting with silver bowl. So, all I needed was a bowl and a spoon. I bought a really good spoon from fisher price (link here), it is soft so wont hurt baby and it changes color if food is too hot. I tried using silver/steel spoon, but she was getting aggressive so I figured it might hurt her. And once baby start eating almost normal food then you can use your hands if you prefer.

What about milk?

Milk is still main food till one year, so continue feeding. As per suggested by my doctor, if baby is eating a bowl full meal then you can skip one feeding of milk.

Another advice, do not use mobile to make your baby sit and eat, try a book or toys instead.

This is all what I could think of. If you have any questions drop a comment or use any other platform to contact me, I would love to help you out.

Eat delicious and look fabulous 🙂 …

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