Bali , A trip to remember : PART II

Welcome to the part two of “Bali Vacation” , if you directly landed here then do check out the Part I. And if you are continuing from part I to this then thank you for sticking around. In this part I will be sharing my experience for last two days and also couple of tips that might help you guys in your trip to Bali. Here is the vlog for last two days

Day 3

Again another full day tour that started at 9am. Driver “Aron” was on time and very humble like the one before, I consider myself very lucky. We started off with “Monkey Forest”, it is again temple surrounded by monkeys. Really smart monkeys I would say they were actually going through people’s bag. I saw a monkey holding deodorant. It is not allowed to feed them but if you want then one can buy bananas to give them now I was not brave enough to do that so Abhinav did it.

Many monkeys climbed on him which was fun to watch (It is there in the video I linked above). Next stop was “Ubud traditional art market”, street shopping place. I bought some good stuff from there. Also made a stop at “Ubud Palace” which was kind of under maintenance though. Then comes the “Rice Terrace”, big rice farm made by the farmers on a mountain.

There is actually tracking there but it was about 35 degrees and we didn’t have energy for it. This was the lunch time and we had over lunch overlooking “Mount Batur and Lake Batur”. It is a volcano and view does not get any better than this.

Also I got some vegetarian food in buffet so it couldn’t get any better. Weather was so great up there, not sweater weather but quite cold comparing rest of the Bali.

Last stop was “Trita Empul Temple” this is also known as holy water temple. (Featured photo of this blog) In this temple there are many water fountains and people go through each of them to get the blessing.

It was quite different experience, I had never done anything like this before. As our guide told us, there was a king, which I forgot name of who used to rule that place and made everyone worship him instead of god so Indra came down to earth with his army to defeat him. King poisoned the river and all the soldiers fell sick then Indra dug a hole and water came out that healed all the soldiers and they won. This is that water which is considered to have healing powers. He also said that if you have bad dreams then you should visit this temple. Water was so clean, there were many fishes though and this was the first time I was in water up to 3.5 feet with fishes in it. In Bali if you visit any temple you need to wear sarong, this applies to everyone. It was a really cool experience. We were so tired and slept in the cab on our way back. But we never lose our spirit on vacation so after reaching hotel we got freshen up and went out to enjoy the night life of “Kuta”

Day 4

This was our lazy day, no tour were booked we kept it for shopping and chilling at the beach. We had our breakfast in hotel and rented a scooter from just beside our hotel.

I am more about street shopping so we found couple of very good places, Poppies lane 1 and road parallel to that there was so many stalls in the basement of a building and also the lane beside that. If you are looking for bargain shopping then this is the place. There are shops everywhere in Kuta so you can actually get overwhelmed with those. We also went to “Beach Walk” again.

Then we quickly went to hotel to drop all the stuff that we shopped and started again. We made our way to “100% Genuine fake shop”, yeah it is a real shop but unfortunately it was closed. So we moved ahead and next stop was “DMZ 3D museum”. This is basically giant place with so many rooms that have 3D paintings on walls and floors and you can just go crazy and click weird pictures.

After this we went to “Cosmic Diner”, which is retro themed kind restaurant. I loved the place so full of colors and amazing milk shakes (the one I had was “Marry Poppins”) , ohh and I did got vegetarian alfredo pasta on request 🙂 . We roamed around the local area and started to go back to the hotel because we had to change and drop all the cameras and tech gears. Then we enjoyed the evening at the beach, running around and running away from big waves under the blue sky and orange sun. It was mesmerizing and kind of a time when you let go of all your stress and set yourself free. The next day we had flight in the afternoon so we just spend the night packing and like every other day in Bali I spent some time sitting by the pool in the hotel enjoying my Ice tea because by this time it really hit me that we have to go back to the regular life tomorrow.

It was really amazing time we had, something I will cherish my entire life. At the start we were really worried about this trip but it went great keeping up to all the expectations that I had from it. So if anyone asks me ever whether I want to go to Bali? I won’t ask why? I will ask when?

I am singing off, leaving you guys with some important tips if any of you visit Bali these might come in handy. If you have any question then do drop a comment or you can contact me on any of my social profile as well as email.

If you wanna see some more photos from the trip then do checkout my social media accounts.

Tips –

  • Temperature is quite high so prefer carrying light breathable clothing. And do not forget sunscreen, it is very very important.
  • Always carry extra pair of clothes because many places involves water.
  • For my fellow vegetarians, vegetarian food in Indonesia involves eggs and sea food as well. I suggest asking specifically about the ingredients or eating vegan if possible. Another suggestion will be to carry some food with you always, I carried cup noodles.
  • Kuta streets have so many pubs and clubs. At the every corner of the street there will be people offering you drugs so be safe.
  • About the currency exchange, they accept all the major currencies USD, CAD, Euro, Pound, Singapore dollars etc but not INR. So carry dollars. In every shop in Bali they exchange money but be careful so you don’t get scammed. You can get money exchange done at the airport but in the city you will get better price.
  • Exchange only as much as you can spend, if you come back with IDR you won’t be able to convert them back to your currency.
  • If you are planning to buy local sim then I suggest buying it from the city somewhere. We bought it from airport and it was costly, like 40$ for 8GB for a week.
  • I would suggest checking the weather before you plan trip because most of the time it rains there and you might miss out on certain things.
  • We did not rent scooter for all the days due to high temperature and many attractions are far from each other that will make scooter ride very tiring. So we decided to rent it only for last day when we were going to check out the local arears of Kuta.


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  1. Really nice blog. Bali is a vegan/vegetarian paradise. My friend said you can find it anywhere. These are some of her fave from a recent visit.

    The shady shack
    Tri Hita vegan
    Nalu bowls
    Kynd community
    Divine Earth
    Peloton supershop
    The spicy coconut
    Warung Padang
    Sariboga vegetarian
    Cafe organic bali
    Loving hut

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