Chocolate Truffle : Brigadieros

Hey there lovely people. I am back with another chocolate delight. This time it’s so easy with only 3 ingredients and perfect for Christmas. So all the chocolate lovers out there get ready to be chocolate wasted.

As this is Christmas so I thought of doing something different for my blog. I am trying out some new recipe format and I am also launching YouTube channel with the short video of this recipe. I hope it will be helpful and you guys will enjoy it. Let me know your opinions and ideas to improve and don’t forget to subscribe for more interesting videos. So here it is the first one of all. (Fingers crossed)


Chocolate Truffle : Brigadieros
For the love of – Chocolate

Ingredients  :

·         Condense Milk (Milkmaid) –  400 gm

·         Butter unsalted – 2 tbs

·         Coco powder unsweetened – 4 tbs








Steps :

1.       In a pan pour condense milk.

2.       Add butter and coco powder.

3.       Cook it on low flame and remove all the lumps of coco powder.

4.       In about 8 to 10 mins, mixture will get thick and start to separate from sides and bottom of the pan.

5.       Transfer it to some other plate and let it cool down completely.

6.       After it cools down, start rolling small balls out of it.

7.       You can roll this ball over some sprinklers or chopped dry fruits or just dust it with coco powder.

Note – If the mixture sticks to the plate after cooling down then heat the plate a little and you can scrap it right out.

I hope you enjoyed the simple recipe and the video as well. Do let me know how that turned out for you and I will see you next time with some other fool proof recipe.




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    1. I kept these for about a week. Keep it in refrigerator and take out few hours before you want to eat otherwise it will be too hard to chew.

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