Classic Recipe : Puran Poli/Puri

Hello everyone, this time I have brought one classic to the plate. It’s “Puran Puri/Poli” and I can say proudly this is something that my mother taught me. So featuring my mom’s recipe today.Recipe is pretty easy but do require a lot of techniques. Dedicating this post to all the mothers. Here is the small video for the same and scroll down for written recipe and exact measurements.




·         Gram lentils/ Chana dal – 1 Cup

·         Sugar – 1 and half Cup

·         Cardamom – 4 to 5 grounded

·         Nutmeg powder – 1/4th tbs

·         Wheat Flour – 1 Cup

·         Oil – 4 tbs (I used sun flower oil)

·         Water

·         Salt – a pinch


1.       Soak lentils in water for about 30 mins.

2.       Transfer lentils in pressure cooker with water just enough to cook lentils.

3.       Cook it in low flame for about 2 to 3 whistles. ( we want lentils completely meshed)

4.       Let it cool down so that it’s not burning hot and then transfer it to grinder pot.

5.       Grind it to make smooth paste.

6.       Add sugar and grind again till sugar dissolves. This will make mixture a bit runny.

7.       Cook this mixture on low flame till it stats to thicken up.

8.       Add cardamom and nutmeg powder.

9.       It should be at the consistency where it stops sticking to finger.

10.   Let it cool down and our filling is ready.

11.   Now make dough with flour. This should be a lot softer than the one that we make for flat breads.

12.   Add oil so dough will not be sticky anymore.

13.   Take small amount of dough in your hand, make round ball and flatten it a bit.

14.   Now we need double amount of filling, make ball and keep it in the center of the dough that you flatten and cover it from all the sides by stretching the dough.

15.   Roll it to make flat bread. You can decide the thickness but if it is thinner like roti then it will get hard.

16.   Fry it with ghee just like any other paratha and it’s done.



It is your choice what you serve it with. My husband eats it with mango pickle I prefer spoon full of ghee on top of hot puran poli.

Do share how this turned out for you. I love to read the messages that you guys send me when you try one of my recipes.

Eat delicious, look fabulous and I will see you next time.

Note –

  • When filling cools down it will become harder, stop the flame in between to check whether it has reached correct consistency.
  • Dough and filling should be same in softness otherwise it will get difficult to roll it out.
  • Always aim to have thin layer of dough and more filling when you roll.


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