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With the growing popularity of online gaming portals, India has come up with various new online gaming websites. Dream11.com is one of the most popular virtual gaming website in India, at present. This website offers its users to play a variety of different games, like: Soccer, Cricket, Football etc. Dream11.com has nearly over 2 Crore users at present. Visit this link to know more about fantasy cricket games.

Dream11 website is the brainchild of Mr. Harsh Jain &  Mr Bhavit Sheth. It was founded in the year 2012. Both the founders are Sports fans. Both of them are graduates from foreign Universities and have been successful in their careers as entrepreneurs. The graph of Dream11.com is increasing steeply from the day of its conception.

On this website, you get a chance to create your own sports team. If you have a little knowledge of the game you are playing, you get a good chance to and win handsome cash. As guaranteed by various users, the site is a legit way of earning some extra income.

You can participate in leagues, one day tournaments etc. You get chance to choose players including: fielders, batsmen, captain, vice-captain etc. There are daily bonanzas and challenges which you can fulfill and win cash prizes. They also have sign up bonus and referral bonuses for new users and their friends.

Play with other players like yourself in daily contests. The option for changing players is valid only till the match starts, thereafter you cannot edit your team. If your team and the players that you chose play well, you end up winning cash.

To withdraw the cash, you need to enter basic bank account details like Acc. holder’s name, Acc. number, IFSC code etc and you can easily reimburse the money.

Some of the tips that can help you win cash and perform well with fantasy Cricket games are :

  • Join daily contest in which lesser number of players, like yourself are attending.
  • Choose your players based on their current form as well as past-performances.
  • Pick your cricket team’s Captain and vice-captain thoughtfully.
  • Pick good bowlers as they have a vital role to play in Dream11 fantasy cricket.
  • All-rounders are always better as they can help you earn handsome points. So, choose the best available three all-rounders everytime you play.

Overall, if you like playing cricket and spend time on your mobile phones or laptops when you are free then you must visit this site and check out how it functions. It is a great way to utilize your free time and enjoy this wonderful gaming portal with awesome graphics. What’s more? The experience is rewarding in terms of actual money.

So, readers we really hope that this article would help you get a fair idea of what Dream11 Cricket games are all about. There are simple steps you need to sign-up, log in, play and retrieve your cash prizes. Anybody with a good knowledge of operating computers and mobile apps would be able to operate this user-friendly format easily. Check here for more.

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