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Hey guys, when I say washing utensils is one of the most difficult, boring and time consuming work I think most of the people will agree. ‘I am blogging about my  #EasyLifeWithDishwashers experience at BlogAdda in association with Bosch.’ Recently I visited Aditya Retail, Banaswadi and got a demo of “Bosch Dishwashers”. Bosch needs no introduction it is a well-known brand and the reliable one as well. So without a doubt they are going to have good products.

But again there are several questions in everyone’s mind and I think the top most will be does those things even work for Indian kitchen? Let me throw some light on this one. Here is a small video of dishwasher in action.

Couple of things that I got sorted out during demo and then you be the judge about whether this is something for you or not. Here are some of the feature that are worth mentioning ,

  • It’s made for Indian utensils, specially.
  • There is plenty of space for keeping plates, spoons, boxes, cooker Kadhai etc.

  • You can adjust the height of rack for anything taller than usual.
  • The main concern that people have with dishwasher, also the one comes from my family is the white soap like layer and oil remains. These dishwashers come with “Intensive Kadhai” mode which use water at 70 degree and provides more hygiene than ever. Don’t have when in the morning you start to pack your lunch and your lunch box has oil everywhere? I know I do. All I need is optimal cleaning like everyone else.
  • The other important feature is the “Load Sensor”. As the name suggest, it will adjust the time, water and energy consumed based on how many things you put in it.
  • Another great thing that I saw was “Half Load”. It’s not always that you have butt load of dishes to do. For a small family like mine this option is blessing. So it doesn’t have to run full cycle.
  • Then you get a “Delay Timer”, which allows you to set the time when you want the washing to begin. And it does have a child lock so it should be completely safe around kinds.
  • It’s rust proof and there is a model the one below which is even finger print proof so it will remain clean and shiny.

  • And yeah, it dries them too. So you don’t have to wait for the water to drain out so you can put everything back at place without ruining the kitchen cupboards, especially if you have all wooden work like me.
  • Bosch also have range of detergents that is recommended with these dishwashers and one can last up to 45 washes.

So it saves water, energy and effort. What else can you ask for?

I think this covers most of the common concerns for more details and technical specification you can check out the official website and visit any Bosch retail shop nearby for demo and all the specific concerns that one might have.

I hope this was useful and I will see you soon with some more interesting product reviews till then bbye.


Eat delicious, look fabulous..  🙂

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