Festive Makeup – Tips & Tricks

It has been long time since my last post and longer for makeup related something. I was away then festival season then off course migraine once or twice (by once or twice I mean may be a couple of hundred times , I bet you sung this line like Justine Bieber 😉 ).

Whenever I post my photos on social media or send it to my friends on whatsapp group, many of them asked me how I do my makeup. I do not post video tutorials yet, so I do not have proper outlet to tell everyone how I do it exactly. But here I am gonna share about the products I use and mostly tips and tricks. First of all I would like to tell everyone that I am no makeup expert like about a year ago I never even did any makeup. I started watching youtube videos just for fun and ordered some makeup products online. First time I ever did my makeup was at my brother-in-law’s wedding feb2016. Here is what I did ,

I wont say it is great but still good for a first timer.

After this I did makeup for my Mother-In-Law, Massi-In-Law and Sister-In-Law for the next day function as they got impressed from what I did before. So this is the story I briefed you about how the obsession started.

That’s my Mother-In-Law in the center. Looking pretty, isn’t she?

Still I like to keep it simple, natural and quick. Let’s take an example of my Karwachauth makeup this year so that I can walk you through the routine. Here is what I looked like-


First of all I was pretty sick that day and didn’t have much time so for this I spend about 15mins and skipped many things.

  • Step 1: Foundation – I use “Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation“. This one is pretty good, have great coverage and does not feel heavy on skin. The color that I have is B3. Usually I wash my face apply moisturizer and then apply small amount of foundation. I use beauty blender to apply it but in this case I realized I forgot to wash it last time, so I went ahead and applied it with my fingers. Apply evenly on face neck and don’t forget ears.
  • Step 2: Be done with eyes –
  • Step 3: Compact – Applied “Maybelline Clear Glow Powder” in color “Nude Beige” all over my face and a little more under the eyes because I am not going to apply any highlighter or concealer.
  • Step 4: Contour – Usually I prefer cream contour and then go over it with powder but this time I went directly for the powdered one. I used “City Color Cosmetics Contour Effects Palette” . And applied bronzer on the hollow of my cheeks, forehead, and sides of my nose. Then with very light hand contour, again on cheeks and sides of my nose. dsc_0984
  • Step 5: Highlight – From the same palate I took the highlighter and applied on the high points of my face, like cheek bones, bridge of my nose and cupid’s bow, using my finger.
  • Step 6: Lipstick – This is my favorite lipstick of all time, “MAC Lipstick Viva Glam Rihanna”. I got it from Canada at the time this was launched I am not sure it is still available or not . Before going with lipstick , I fill my lips with lip liner of same collection.
  • Step 7: Eyebrows – For this I use “Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper”  in shade grey. This needs to be precise and usually I do it just after eyes but what you can do I forgot. 😀
  • Step 8: Blush – I am normally very scared to apply blush, it reminds me kind of makeup my teacher used to do on kids during school functions. So I apply very small amount on apples of my cheeks. It is some drug store product, I picked up in Paris. Is in brown pinkish shade.

That’s it. I know when you read it sounds like so many steps to do but once you get used to it, it’s pretty quick and we have skipped many things. And trust me if I can do this anyone can as this is pretty fool proof procedure.


Here are some tips from my naive experience –

  • I prefer doing eyes before rest of my face so in case I mess up, I dont end up losing a lot. I can just wipe and start again.
  • Most important part of makeup is blending, make sure you do not have harsh lines or unnatural transition of colors.
  • I didn’t have any zits on my face (at this particular time :D) , in case of these apply concealer or color corrector before foundation. Though you can still see mole on my nose and a small spot near my left eye , which is mascara mishap 😀 , what I am trying to say is I have very light layer of makeup on my face.
  • I also go for very bold lip colors, make sure you moisturize your lips before you start with the makeup.
  • While doing makeup for Indian ethnic outfits I do not like go for Kim Kardashian kind of contour so I keep it lighter but if you like it then go for it by all means.

One more important thing is, I believe there two kinds of makeup, one that looks good in person and another that looks good on camera. So try to find balance between these two. Trick that I always do is ,once I am done with the makeup I check how it looks on my cellphone’s camera and make corrections if needed. So you get yourself photo ready.

You can ask me questions about this or any of the look I wore earlier (my Instagram is liked to the profile).

I hope this will help and do share your makeup stories and hacks.  And have a great festive season.


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