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Couple of days back I got opportunity to attend “IBM Developer Connect”, even held at KTPO, Bangalore. As working in the IT industry and being a developer my self this got me pretty excited. I have been developer for 3 years and now work as QA engineer but designation can’t that coder part away from me. When your code compiles error free and does what it is suppose to do, one of the best feelings in the world. I still develop but I develop to test what others have develop (this got quite confusing). Anyways, I thought that I will share my over all experience of the event. I am not gonna detail out each and everything but summarize on the main points.

It was a full day event started around 6:30 AM  with registration and refreshments and was till 6:30 in the evening. The actual procession started from 8:30 AM. We reached there around 8:15 after struggling with traffic for about one and half hours which by the way we were not expecting at these early hours. Finally we made it to the venue and it was nice to see that so many people turned up for the event. Most of them were still in queue for registration. They were serving sandwiches and juices at the counter so first we hit that and after getting fueled up we made our way inside.

As soon as we entered first we saw “Experience Zone”, where developers can have hands on, live demos of IBM technology.

Further ahead was the area where all sessions and demos were to take place. Soon event started with the dance performance of a group of youngsters, to lighten up the mood, even technology people appreciate light entertainment. 🙂img-20160619-wa0003.jpg

It was followed by the key note from Bob Lord, Chief digital officer, IBM digital. Image below gives the high level view of what this event was focused around.   Main

Cognitive – Cognitive computing is the simulation of human thought processes in a computerized model. These platforms encompass machine learning, reasoning, natural language processing, speech and vision, human-computer interaction, dialog and narrative generation and more. It is not enough for machines to just have IQ but EQ as well. There come IBM Watson into picture. Watson is a question answering computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language.

Session was followed by the demo of mobile app “Meeka” – It used watson. Isn’t it nice to that an app can lay hand in dealing with not only with life saving scenarios but also life changing scenarios like a wedding.

Mobile – This is an era of mobile technologies and apps. We all have several apps in our mobiles. What is the best way to create your app? where should we focus on? IBM has solution for this as well, Swift@IBM. Swift is programming language developed by Apple. It is the 2nd most loved language by programmers and also is open source. IBM swift sandbox , is an interactive website that lets you write, execute, and share Swift code in a server environment.Even non-Mac user use swift. It offers –

  • modern programming language constructs
  • Error detection at compile time
  • Code re-engineering
  • Vibrant developer base
  • Enhanced multi threading and concurrency support

This one got my attention the most seems like pretty neat ain’t it.

IoT – IoT acronym Internet of Things. Got to the the live demo from Intel Geteway to connect to IBM Watson IoT platform. Intel also announced the Intel Iot Dev Kit 3.5 on the same day that has C/C++, java and java script support also IBM Bluemix Tot foundation integration support.

Blockchain – This is operating system for new generation business.

  • Shared replicated ledger
  • Cryptography
  • Consensus – network verified transactions
  • smart contract

Blockchain enables a comprehensive view of all IGF operations. Can be used in the areas of trade finance , syndicated loans, supply chain finance.

Cloud – In the field of cloud computing IBM is not behind.Using  Bluemix  one can have test network up and running without hassle. It supports several programming languages and services[1] as well as integrated DevOps to build, run, deploy and manage applications on the cloud.

We also got chance to meet Tanmay Bakshi , a 12 year old developer.I wonder what I was doing when I was this age other than being a moron. He presented demo of his app “Asktanmay”.

So over all experience was great. Event was very well managed also had very good food and verities of it during lunch. Throughout the article I have added as many links as I could to help explain more. Looking forward to attend the event next year as well. I am gonna close this one with few more interesting photos of the event and list of all the speakers.

  1. Prashant Bhuyan, Co- Fouder, CEO & CTO  Alpha Modus
  2. Sunder Somasundaram, CTO for loT Platforms and Services AT&T
  3. Bob Lord, Chief Digital Officer, IBM Digital
  4. Mike Rhodin, Sr. Vice President, IBM WATSON
  5. Michael Gilfix, Vice President, Mobile & Process Transformation, IBM Coud
  6. Sriram Raghvan Director, IBM Research
  7. Shalini Kapoor, Chief Architect-lot Ecosystem, IBM LoT
  8. Sandy Carter, DM, Developer Ecosystem and Startups + Social Business Evangelist, IBM Cloud
  9. Lee Faus, Technical Sales Director at GitHub
  10. Tanmay Bakshi, WATSON Developer
  11. Pradeep Balachandran, Program Director- Dev Ops Tools and Eclipse Platform Development, IBM Cloud
  12. Promodh Ramesh, Senior Offering Mange, Interaction Services-API Connect, IBM Cloud
  13. Palanivel Kodeswaran, Research Staff Member-Mobile Security, Privacy, Policy Based Systems, IBM Reasearch
  14. Arun Ramakrishnan, Tech lead – Service Provisioning, IBM Digital marketplace, IBM Cloud
  15. Simon Wheatcroft, Ultra marathoner and Runkeeper user
  16. Magesh Rajamani, WATSON Solutions IBM WATSON
  17. Purushothaman K Narayanan, WATSON Implementations, IBM WATSON
  18. Vikas Raykar, IBM Research
  19. Manisha Sharma, Offering Manager- Platform & Industry Solution Provider Ecosystem, IBM loT
  20. Vidyasagar S Machupalli, Developer Advocate- Cloud and Mobile, IBM Cloud
  21. Jeffrey Dare, Engineer – WATSON loT, IBM loT
  22. Thejaswini Ramachandra- Senior Product Manager, IBM Cloud
  23. Vanitha Narayanan, Managing Director, IBM India

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