Happy Birthday to Me

Hey guys, How is everyone doing today? You know what is today? It’s my Birth Dayyyy. And out of all the things in the world this reminds me of an episode of “Friends, The one where they all turn 30”. I just gave it away, didn’t I? Now you all know I am 30. It’s funny though, how all of sudden things have changed. I am thinking about; how many women lie about their age? (Now I understand why), the word Aunty seems pretty dangerous to me now. Every birthday wish seems like sarcastic comment. All of them can be genuine wishes but in my head, it is like “Ha Ha, you old”. I swear if anyone ask me whether I have grey hair, I am gonna punch them inn face.

Everything was fine till yesterday, I was telling people I am 29 then bam 30. I sure everyone must have some thoughts when they turned 30, I have a lot. It seems like yesterday when my parents used to celebrate my birthday all my friends used to be there, so may balloons, I used to carry chocolates for my friends in school then I realized it has been 13 years since I last went school. I am shocked, I have so many calculations in my head. I always used to think why adults put only one candle on their Birthday cake. I will tell you why because there is not enough space on the cake. These many lit candle in congested space can burn down your house, that is why.

There is more ,Don’t you remember the time when guys used to chase you after school or college. We all were teenagers off course. I do not remember when my sentence “I will tell my father” changed to “I am too old for you, child”, true story, I have said this to many teenagers who got confused with my profile picture and sent me message on Facebook. And yeah there was no reply after I told them my age. I can’t believe I am no longer interested in boy bands or Justine Bieber (which I never was actually).

Let’s talk about clothes, and I am so sure that everyone can related to this. You go shopping and you see some very funky T-shirt or T-shirts with cartoons on, the one that you really like, then you tell yourself “I can’t buy this I am too old for this”. I recently said that for a dungaree that my husband picked out for me.

I know, I know age is just a state of mind but my stupid birth certificate says otherwise. But anyways aging for women is different. Let me educate you if you do not know. So till 30 women age each year after 30 it goes down to once every 5 years. Yeah, that is scientific fact. Which mean I am going to be 30 for a long time now.

And what is a birthday without birthday gift. So after 5 years of getting nothing, I finally asked my husband for a gift. I asked for “His cellphone”. Yeah, you read that right. So he cannot use his cell phone for one day which means no internet no social media. May the force be with us to survive this day because we are going to try to talk to each other, in person. I will tell you how did that end up.

Let’s hear some of your stories and thoughts on this. I will wait for your comments by that time I will go buy myself some anti-aging cream. ?

Here is a picture of me, totally irrelevant but I wanted you all to have nice image of me in your head after this.


Eat delicious, look fabulous.. 🙂

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