Healthy Snacks for a Healthy Mind

Hey there all the munchers, couple of days back I posted a blog about pickles from different regions that you can find at “Place of Origin”. I thought of exploring some more and this time I found some very interesting snacks for all your munching needs. As its already summer and kids are not going school any more so if they stay home you gotta give them snacks like all the time but its summer vacation at school you gatta work and there might not be enough time to actually make something at home. Or you if you just want to treat yourself on some weekend watching movies and munching down snacks then I have got perfect solution for you. “Place of Origin” have got wide verity of healthy snacks from all over the India.

Here are some of my favorites –

POPMAK ROASTED MAKHANA (PUNE MAHARASHTRA) – who doesn’t love Makhana? I and my husband are like insane over these. And here you can find so many flavors. This is something that finishes very fast in our house, can’t even survive a full day. So this is something I highly recommend.

COOKIES – I am not going to mention one as there are so many good options in different kinds of grains. You can find jawar, ragi, flaxseed, multi grain and off course wheat cookies in amazing flavors. And not to forget millet cookies from our very own Bangalore.

GRANOLA AND ENERGY BARS – Me and my friend used to carry granola bars while attending class to survive the sudden urge of food or when food at canteen was not good and trust me they were life savers. Continuing this habit I still carry them when I travel and why not now I get delicious and healthy flavors.

SPICY MEXICAN CHIPS (COIMBATORE TAMIL NADU) – what goes best with tea? Here is the answer but while you start eating this tea gets completely neglected and there are more like CRISPY METHI CRACKERS and MIXED SEED RUSK.

There are so many option in there like jams, butter, serials, brownies, and dry fruit snacks. I am going to start exploring for new and exciting things and best part is I do not have to worry about snacks being unhealthy anymore.

I hope this will help you guys as well to find something new and something different. Discover local food from across the country and do share your experience with the snacks from different regions. With more edible solutions, I will see you next time.

Eat delicious, look fabulous.. 🙂


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