Himachali Kathal ka Mandra

Hey guys, today I have something very special. This is something very authentic by someone very special. Today’s recipe is “Kathal ka Mandra”. Kathal is jack fruit and anyone who has ever tested “Himachali” food must be aware of the word “Mandra”. This recipe is from someone who have lived her entire life in Jawalaji, Himachal. This person is none other than my “Grand-Mother In-Law”. I have never shared any Himachali recipe on my blog so I thought of starting with this one. This is going to have all Himachali flavors with all the love in the world for grandchildren and that’s makes it more special. Here is a short video for the recipe and yeah that her cooking and me assisting  🙂


·         Curd – 1 ltr

·         Jack fruit/Kathal – 500gms unripe cut into pieces and fried

·         Onion – 2 medium size

·         Ginger – 2 inches

·         Garlic – about 6 to 7 cloves

·         Ghee – 2 tbs (or go generous)

·         Oil – 4 tbs (I used mustered)

·         Coriander Powder – 2tbs

·         Jeera Powder – 1 tbs

·         Red Chilli Powder – 1 tbs

·         Tumeric – ½ tbs

·         Salt – to taste

·         First of all grind ginger, garlic and onions.

·         Also deep fry Jack fruit/Kathal and keep it aside.

·         For this we are going to use cooker, add oil and let it burn. ( you will see smoke coming out)

·         Now add the paste that we made at first step and sauté till its light brown.

·         Add ghee.

·         Now add all the dry spices.

·         Whisk the curd so there are no lumps and also add water to dilute to desired consistency.

·         Bring it to boil by continuously stirring it so it won’t split.

·         Now add fried jackfruit and mix well.

·         Also you can add some water if it looks thick.

·         Close the lid and keep it on low flame till you get one whistle.

·         Garnish with coriander leaves.

Here it is, “Kathal ka Mandra” is ready. Quantity may seem a lot because it was dinner for 5. It is served best with rice but I leave that up to you. This means a lot to me as it comes from the roots of our family. If you cook this then do tag me, my grandma will be so happy. That’s a wrap and I will see you guys next time with some more authentic recipes from the lands of Himachal.

Eat delicious, look fabulous.. 🙂

Note –

  • Add 1tbs of gram flour to make sure that curd won’t split.
  • You can peel and fry seeds as well they taste delicious .

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