The thing that my husband regrets the most is “I do not cook non-veg”. So, like every other weekend we were grocery shopping and arguing over the same thing. About the time we crossed the noodle aisle and I saw “Biryani Noodle”. He loves biryani and noodles, so I thought to myself at least this is something I can cook for him. I mean who doesn’t like instant noodles, we survived our hostel life eating it. And Ramzan is here so all he talks about is biryani.
This could be a big break through. Deadly combination of two things that entire nation loves, or it could be disaster as well, if the two flavours do not work together. Another challenge is, it is quite difficult to cook something, you can not taste (me being a total vegetarian). But we thought it deserves a chance.
I can not begin to explain how much he loves instant noodles? May be this short conversation will give you an idea.

Me :What do you want to eat?
Him : I am not well and will not eat anything?
Me : Noodles?
Him : Yes (with a gigantic grin on his face)

so not much could go wrong. And with the high hopes I served it to my husband, he was excited. Now rest all I am going to tell you how he described it. It was amazing, even being sceptical for a new combination of flavours. Enjoyed it and it was finished in few minutes. The greatest gesture that somebody liked food is when they end up licking the bowl as clean as it was never used. Yes, that did happen. He was pretty happy, and we ended up buying more.
If anyone has read my blog so I am all about improvising, here are couple of ways how I cook instant noodles –

⦁ Classic way, by boiling in water and adding biryani mix in water at the same time.
⦁ Boiling noodles then once it is cooked drizzling and mixing biryani mix at the later stage.
⦁ Saute some vegetables of your choice, add noodles, add biryani mix, and water, let it simmer.

Another thing that I do sometimes because we do like soupy kind of noodles, add a little extra water and stop cooking before it’s all absorbed.
Being a home cook, I believe in trying new flavours and this is just what was needed to change the game a little. Variety is always great. Now “Biryani Noodles” have become Sunday lunch after cleaning the house, odd time food when we just don’t want to cook and can’t decide what to order as well, Friday night movie snack and weekday post work demand. Another instance where noodles are our best friend is Road trips.
Also, he is very happy because in a way I finally cooked him chicken. Unfortunately, I can never know how it taste. Probably should ask “INBISCO” to have “Veg-biryani Noodles” for people like me but I really appreciate that they introduced a very different flavour where every other instant noodle tastes the same.
Of course, you still have the regular noodles and biryani that you can cook or order from your favourite place but its good to twist things sometimes. Tease your taste buds on a lazy day. It is not age bound so whether you are in school, college or you passed that phase of life and is a corporate puppy like me, you can still enjoy it and may be go down the memory lane, how you used to cook noodles in hostel hiding the electric kettle from the warden? (Okay, this was actually me, who went down the memory lane )
I would really recommend “INBISCO Biryaneez Biryani Noodles” to all the biryani and noodle lovers. It’s worth a try. This could be the perfect solution for your instant cravings and you get the best of both worlds.
“INBISCO Biryaneez Biryani Noodles” , should be available in most of the supermarkets. I got these from “Shobha Supermarket”, I am sure Bangalore people must have heard of this or you can also get these on Bigbasket
Enjoy your time relishing with something new, I will let you know if I find something else interesting like this.

Here I am leaving you with one the recipes that I tried, enjoy

Eat delicious and look fabulous.. 🙂

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