Lazy Pulav : Vegetable Rice

I think the best part of cooking is improvising. I try out many recipes that I get online and improvise it till I am happy. Here I am gonna share one of my Veg rice recipe that is simple enough for newbies and yet tasty. And off course you can further modify it as you go. Its pretty good for the days when you can’t decide what to cook or just want something fast, like if you have to be somewhere or you want to carry some food along or you are going out on picnic or trekking. But believe me this rice is fancy enough to be served during lavish dinner, when you have people coming over to your house, and come on we all know that we don’t like serving plain white rice to guests.

So without any further ado, I am gonna start with the recipe and guess what I am currently in my kitchen cooking the same, so I ll try to make it more graphical. Though I am writing this and clicking photos and cooking, you should not try doing all this at the same time or you ll end up burnt like me. Or may be its something wrong with me, who knows. Let me grab some ointment and we will get back to our cooking class.

And I am back even though it still stings, I am gonna be brave and continue this.Just kidding by this time I have high tolerance for getting burnt and chopping my fingers off. Grossss, forget I said that. So here we go –

Ingredients that we need :

I am not adding quantities here because literally you can add as much as you want or have left in your kitchen

  • Rice (preferable basmati )
  • Carrots finely chopped
  • Capsicum finely chopped
  • Onions
  • Peas (I usually use frozen peas)screenshot_2016-06-07-20-08-07_com.instagram.android_1465318500376.jpg

I add whole spices –

  • Bay leaves
  • Black cardamom
  • Cloves ( I honestly blacked out for a minute to remember this word )
  • Cumin
  • Cinnamonscreenshot_2016-06-07-20-06-02_com.instagram.android_1465318586564.jpg


Usually I use like 1 bay leaf, 2 cardamoms,4 cloves, and about an inch long cinnamon stick with 1 cup of rice. It helps if you keep count, because when I serve this to my husband, he doesn’t want these things on his plate not even one, so I remove before serving him. Sometimes when I miss count then he ll question like “How come there is a 5th one in my food when you already removed 4? “, yeah horror.Just a friendly tip if you also deal with fussy family as mine,keep the count. Anyways lets get back to work.

  1. First of all soak that rice in water for about half an hour if you can, while you are chopping and doing other stuff.screenshot_2016-06-07-20-06-59_com.instagram.android_1465318560019.jpg
  2. Take a cooker big enough to hold everything. Add about 2 tbs of oil and let it heat.
  3. Add all spices and wait till cumin crackles.
  4. Add onions in oil, now its your choice whether you want it just cooked at translucent state or wait till it turns brown. I like it caramelized it gives that great flavor to rice.Even you can garnish cooked rice with some crispy brown onions.
  5. Now go ahead add all the vegetables in and let it cook for some time.screenshot_2016-06-07-20-04-08_com.instagram.android_1465318687376.jpg
  6. Now drain all the water from rice and add that as well.And give it a mix.screenshot_2016-06-07-20-03-24_com.instagram.android_1465318710789.jpg
  7. Add water, now here is a trick. Water should be double compared to the amount of rice.Lets say if you take 1 cup of rice then add 2 cups of water. For me so far this calculation has never gone wrong.screenshot_2016-06-07-20-02-41_com.instagram.android_1465318732654.jpg
  8. Also add salt to taste and mix well. Let it simmer in high flame till there is not much water left but it should not be completely dry. You should be seeing some bubbles coming out of it.screenshot_2016-06-07-20-01-53_com.instagram.android_1465318759052.jpg
  9. Now close the lid and wait for one whistle then switch off the flame.
  10. There you go your rice is ready, wait for cooker to cool down then you can serve it with anything you like. Or as personal favorite of my husband just put a lot of ghee on it.:)screenshot_2016-06-08-13-07-54_com.instagram.android_1465371505752.jpg


Variations :

  • You can add any vegetable of your choice, as long as you like its taste. Serve it with raita and some side salad.
  • There is one more thing that I do is not to put any vegetable except onions and this is great to eat with chole, rajmah or dal makhni. (personal favorite of Mr. Abhinav Sood)
  • Or you can just add peas and you have your self mutter pulav, this one take only 15 to 20mins to cook.

Now again, if you try this and it turned out to be great don’t forget to improvise the next time and do share your version of rice.

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