Makeup Haul : Colour Rush Intense Colour Lip Balm

Hey there all the lovely people. So I am back with one more lipstick haul. I got these recently and I just fell in love with them. In this post I am gonna give my honest opinion about Rimmel Colour Rush Intense Colour Lip Balm.img_20160704_174551_hdr.jpgAs I have already mentioned that I love these (bare with me I am gonna say this many times) . This one is again I got from my mother-in-law. We came back from a family wedding and she washed her face and I saw that the lipstick was in tact. I mean how amazing is that. I am one of those people who don’t like touch ups and I got pretty impressed with this. It didn’t come off until she wiped it with makeup remover. So I stole it from her (just kidding.She is very nice person and she always gives me whatever I ask. She gave me her son ๐Ÿ™‚ , lipstick is nothing compared to that). She got these from a drug store in Toronto, Canada. And as greedy as I could get I asked her to get me more. In another few days my father-in-law was coming to India so he got me 2 more in orange that I asked for. yeaiiii

So here I have got 4 colors –

  • 300 Viva violet
  • 210 Boom chic a boom
  • 600 On fire
  • 620 Lady Marmalade

    Colors look quite similar and light on arm but on lips they are actually very pigmented.

Names are quite funky. My favorite is “Boom Chic A Boom”, its an amazing pink color.My mum also loves this color. “Viva Violet” is more like wine colored. “On Fire” is another favorite of mine is like orangey red color. And last one “Lady Marmlade”is more on the orange side. I think they come in so many colors , we don’t have any outlet in Bangalore (none that I know of) for Rimmel products so I don’t exactly know how many are there.


Packaging wise they just look simple , you rotate the bottom part and product start to come out. Name says long lasting intense color, trust me they are not lying. In fact, this is why I love them so much. You just put it on in the morning and just forget about it. You can eat, drink and at the end of the day it is still gonna be there. One more plus is it does not feel heavy or sticky on the lips. Its easy to do gradation with them. Little trick that I do is you can blot and it becomes matte and looks like lip tint.Conclusion is what ever you do its gonna stay on your lips until you intentionally remove it with makeup remover.

Here is me with two of those colors on.First one is “boom chic a boom” and another is “on fire”.


Give some credit for creativity people. FYI that first one is my fish face ๐Ÿ™‚

Pros :

  1. Amazing colors.
  2. Long lasting.
  3. They have really sweet fragrance.
  4. Its a drug store so not very costly.

Cons :

  1. A little weird thing , when you apply any of the color in few hours it tends to turn pink. I love that pink as well but it might not be a very good think if I have orange tone makeup and all of a sudden my lipstick turns pink. I have all the electric colors I don’t know what happens to light color tones. Let me know in comments if you guys have also observed something like this.

Over all these are the great product to have in your makeup box.


Rating :4-half-star-rating

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  1. Tell me what other colors u want….. oh no let me goto the store nd i will send u pics of more colors..
    anything for u.. they suit u a lot

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