Out of all the things that I do, one more from the stock is Makeup. This is like new found love of mine. About 3 years ago I became proud owner of my first lipstick(hard to believe,I know), given to me by my mother-in-law who was not my mother-in-law at that time.I became obsessed with that one then I bought 3 more of the same color. Still its one of my favorite. I thought that I will do makeup haul or review kind of thing for the cosmetics and skincare. May be I can fix one day a week when I blog about makeup and stuff, hmm I don’t have it all figured out yet but we will see how it goes.

So why not start with my first and proud possession of mine. Today I am gonna talk about “Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor “.


Revlon is one of my favorite brands and I do use a lot of products of them. Packaging is decent for these lipsticks and they come in small plastic box kind thing. So far I have got below 3 colors –

  • True Chocolate
  • Unlimited Mulberry
  • Boundless Brandy

“True Chocolate” is the one that I talked about earlier, my proud possession thingy. I love the fact that they are long lasting so its perfect for office or if I have to go to some party and eat food. I wore these during my wedding functions also and trust me, I went from early morning to midnight without any touch ups.


These lip colors have two sides, one is actual color and other one is gloss. Gloss is not long lasting though it will just fade away in few hours but I prefer putting it on because I feel it kind of protects the lip color otherwise it gets that dry and uneven texture. They come in so many colors.”Unlimited Mulberry” is my favorite for office hours, its very subtle. True Chocolate” is pretty dark color I just love it. I like colors with blue undertone so it makes my teeth look whiter.And these lip colors have that quality.

Couldn’t find my photo with the 3rd one on I will try to attach it later(right now I am too lazy to put it on, click a photo then take it off)

To conclude here is what I think about these lipsticks-


  • Long lasting
  • Easy application
  • Great colors , very pigmented
  • Can be worn as matte or with gloss


  • Does feel little sticky without gloss
  • Feels dry when gloss wear out, makes lips look like dehydrated at this point

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