Microwave Eggless Chocolate Fantasy Cake

Hello people, today’s blog is special because we are going to have cake cake cake. Time for my fool proof and quick recipe. I am sharing my “Chocolate Fantasy Cake “with you guys, not exactly sharing the cake but the recipe but you can make it right away. It requires no equipment, no expertise and no skill, my kind of thing J . So if you are short in time but still wanna have an amazing homemade cake then here’s the recipe for the rescue. Detailed recipe is down below and do not forget to go through the notes for some very important tips.


For Sponge

·         All-purpose flour / Maida – 1 ½ cup

·         Powdered Sugar – 1  cup

·         Coco powder unsweetened  – 4  tbs

·         Milk – 1 cut

·         Vanilla essence  – ½ tbs

·         Baking powder – ½ tbs

·         Baking soda – ¼ tbs

·         Lemon juice – ½ tbs

·         Oil – 2 tbs

For Glaze

·         Unsalted Butter – 70 gms

·         Powdered  Sugar – 3tbs

·         Coco powder – 3 tbs


·         Take milk in a bowl. This is going to be our mixing unit. Milk should be in room temperature.

·         Add sugar and mix till it’s completely dissolved, there should not be any grains.

·         Put a sieve on top to that bowl and add flour, sugar and coco powder, baking soda and baking powder. Sieve everything.

·         Mix everything till combined.

·         Add vanilla essence and oil. Wisk to mix.

·         Now add lemon juice and mix.

·         Transfer everything in a microwave safe bowl which is buttered and lined with parchment paper.

·         Pop this into microwave with high setting for 5 minutes.


·         Let the cake cool down completely.

·         Take melted butter.

·         Add sugar and coco powder.

·         This is the step that will require little bit of effort as you have to wisk till everything is smooth.

·         Now cut the cake into two halves in a way that you will end up with two disks. (watch the video)

·         Apply your glaze on the bottom part and then put the other half on top.

·         Now cover entire cake with the glaze that you have left. You can decorate with sprinklers or choco chips, cherries or whatever you like.

·         Keep in refrigerate to set.

Your cake is ready now. Just an FYI, I did get over excited and added 1 spoon full sugar and coco powder in glaze off camera which made it hit saturation point so it  got little grainy. Did not affect the taste but it sure was not smooth anymore so instead of glaze I decided to go for frosting kind of thing. I thought this might be useful in case you want to turn your failures into success. 🙂

It turned out delicious. Let me tell you the way I eat it, I cut a piece and heat it a bit in microwave till glaze is melted. Have some vanilla ice cream on side and top everything with chocolate sauce. Let me know how you enjoyed it and I will see you next time.

Eat delicious, look fabulous.. 🙂

Note –

  • Even without the glazing it’s completely edible but it might feel a little dry if you are not used to eating cake without frosting.
  • Instead you making glaze this way you can melt your favorite chocolate and pour it. Cut it in small cubes add some milk and pop it in microwave for about 10 seconds.
  • For glazing make sure butter is melted but not hot otherwise sugar will caramelize.
  • I prefer powdered sugar, otherwise it will be too much trouble dissolving it.
  • If glaze starts to cool down it will thicken up and it will be more like frosting. That’s what I did with mine. Both is going to taste same I leave that up to you. Off course you will need more butter if you want to go for frosting way.
  • For me this was done in 4mins it depends on microwave and voltage fluctuations, I suggest keep a check on cake after 3 mins. Over microwaving will turn it dry.
  • For microwaving take a bowl with is deep enough because this cake is going to double in size so make sure there is enough room.
  • Other question which is asked frequently is why lemon? So lemon will react with baking soda and will make the cake fluffier as this is eggless so we need little bit more surety that it will rise.
  • One last thing, off course you can make it with whole  wheat flour.


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