Midnight drive cold breeze and tea

How far will you go to satisfy your coffee craving? It was a typical Saturday when we were at home just watching TV even though there was nothing interesting on. Almost 12 O’clock at night, kind of cold outside and we thought its time to go out for coffee and which cafe will be opened at this hour? Will be the one at airport. Its about 35 Km form my home. So it was all set that we ll ride to airport to have midnight coffee (I know title says tea but I am talking all about coffee, don’t worry I ll get there). This isn’t something that we did for the first time, it was our thing earlier but then in past one or two years we have been caught up with our lives. The only difference this time was, this drive wasn’t on a bike we chose 4 wheeler.

So we make our way passing by all the barking dogs, waking up all the neighbors until we hit Ring Road. This is the only time of the day I think when Outer ring road is less crowded. I love long drives. Being on the road specially at night so that I can open all the windows and let the wind come in. When the cold breeze hits my face and mess up all my hair, I feel free. When the cold hits my face and that wind is too strong it feels like I can’t hear my own worries anymore which are constantly there in my head. Then the music and me singing loudly with the music system. I am a horrible singer but my husband enjoys when I do this. Its like indication to him that I am happy. And road is also good now, we cross around 7 flyovers so its an roller coaster ride. And we are not the only people who do this, I have seen many in airport at the middle of the night who are not traveling or not there to receive any one  but they are there just to have fun.screenshot_2016-06-13-19-51-39_com.instagram.android_1465834892029.jpg

As soon as we reached and got out of car it was so very cold, we were not expecting that because its summer in Bangalore. Same day for dinner we ate too much of lasagna (BTW recipe is going to be up real soon), so when we reached I didn’t feel like having coffee I was so full so was Abhinav and he doesn’t even drink coffee for real, like never ever. Whenever we go out for coffee I have coffee and he ll probably eat something. This day was nothing different his plan was to eat chicken roll. There used to be one canteen there from where he used to eat chicken roll but unfortunately its not in existence anymore and he was full so he couldn’t care less. He enjoys driving and he got that much. But it was cold and I saw Chai Point , they have this amazing ginger tea that I love because its almost how I make my tea (I am so proud of my Tea skills), so finally coffee planed turned to Tea 🙂 . And while having my tea we stood near arrival gate so that we can see people coming and going.


Have you ever been to airport and not see a person, coming back from most probably gulf countries, who have giant LED TV with luggage. This time also while parking I told Abhinav that we ll find such person and there he was. There were so many families waiting at the gate to see there loved ones and on the other hand many were there to see off ,  a father hugging her daughter with wet eyes still trying to stay strong otherwise it will become tough for her to leave. I can very well understand that feeling because I went through the same every time I left home and even now every time my parents leave Bangalore. That is something that will never change I guess. We walked around talking about important stuff like why some people are dressed up real nice in the middle of the night and why some of them are in there pajamas outside the house. Conclusion, we don’t like either of those people we just like our selves, no offence 🙂 . And some more critical topics like “What might be inside that person’s bag? , we watch Baggage Battles so just cant resist.  We sat down in one of the benches talking about the shit that goes down every day when we are not with each other. And I realized how much I like discussing even stupid things with him and trying to solve each other’s problems. And for a change he didn’t check his cell phone as many times as he does usually, so that’s some progress right. After few hours we realized that we have booked one morning movie show so we better leave. Even though it was not very long , long drive but it was enough to clear my head. And the best part was I didn’t get migraine that weekend so win win. And just in case anybody is wondering what all songs I sang in my bad voice so I am listing few of them below –

  • Accidents can happen (Sixx AM)
  • Escape (Enrique)
  • Hero (Enrique)
  • O sanam (Lucky Ali)
  • My heart’s a stereo (Gym class heroes)

It wasn’t something planned even though I prefer planning each and every aspect of things but I guess somethings are best left unplanned.


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