Must-try Pickles from across India

Loving spicy food is like an essential part of being Indian. We have tons of variety here. One can see diversity in food and the way they are prepared. Then there are “Pickles/Achar”. This is a small single thing that has power to change any dish entirely. Like any other thing, pickles also come in wide range and taste from different region of the country. As they say “If you fit it in jar you can make pickle out of it”, so there isn’t a particular ingredient used for these, which makes it more exciting.

When you visit some place you get a new kind of Pickle. I don’t think there will be someone who isn’t fond of pickle at least not in my knowledge. Even a small amount of pickle can turn boring food to completely different thing. This is our traditional food and something we can’t live without. I still remember my grandmother making Mango pickle in bulk. I think in every house hold it is the same story.

Out of, thousands of variants out there, my favorite has always been Mango Pickle on the other hand my husband like Carrot Cauliflower Mix Pickle. Even with the same ingredient pickle from different places can taste differently based on preparation methods. I am pretty sure that there is one pickle for everyone out there or more than one. And it can be veg or non-veg as well.

If you are a pickle fan and want to try best of every region then don’t worry you will not have to travel all those places. I have found a perfect solution for this situation. You can find your favorite Pickle here.

There are so many varieties to try and also know the Place of Origin for each and every one of them. All this at comfort of your home. Spicy pickles, sweet pickles, chicken pickles, mutton pickles, prawn pickles, goan seafood pickles or any other, you name it. Here are some of the favorites from my family –

MANGO PICKLE from Panipat(Hariyana) : This one is a classic. I have always been fan of mango pickle and this one is no exception.

RED CHILLI & HONEY(HIMACHILLI CHUKH HONEY) from Kangra (HP) : Being married in a himachali family I had to try couple of delicacies from Himachal. Red chilli pickles are always great but people like me who can’t bear too much chilly always struggle with it. But hint of honey makes it all better for us.

CHICKEN MUGHLAI PICKLE from Secundrabad (Telangana): Husbands favorite. I do not eat non-veg but he is a big fan. In our family we never run out of this one.

MIXED DRYFRUIT PICKLE from Navsari (Gujrat): Now this is something very unique. It has carrots, raisins and dates. Mostly it falls into sweet category but definitely worth trying.

TOMATO GARLIC PICKLE from Chennai (TN) : I spent 4 years in Tamil Nadu and fell in love with tomato garlic pickle. Its sour and garlicky flavor goes best with dal and rice.

HOMEMADE OLIVES AND JALAPEÑOS PICKLE from Mumbai (Maharashtra): I had olives and jalapenos only pizza but I never knew that they can be pickled with Indian way. But if you think about it both are great combination of sour and chili flavor. A must try pickle for your taste buds.

CAULIFLOWER, TURNIP & CARROT PICKLE from Delhi : This is another one of my husband’s favorite. He actually eats this like main course neglecting actual main course dish. It finishes so fast sometimes other members of the house never get to know that we ever had this pickle.

Do share your favorites and I will also continue trying new ones.


Eat delicious, look fabulous.

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  1. कभी वो समय याद आता है जब रेल जर्नी में रात में एक ऐसा समय भी आता था जब पूरी बोगी अचार की खुशबू से भर जाती थी , और उस समय जिस भूख का अहसास होता था आप मानो ना मानो उसके पीछे ये अचार ही होता था !!

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