Nourishing your hands during COVID- 19

As COVID-19 has spread globally at a rapid pace, health officials have been emphasizing since the beginning that washing one’s hands regularly and properly is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infection.

We were told that we should scrub our hands for at least 20 seconds to effectively curb the spread of germs. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers that contain at least 60% alcohol were one of the other options that can also be used to rid your hands of germs, though they are not as effective as soap and water at removing visible dirt or harmful chemicals. Frequent hand washing, though a reliable way to ward off illness, and the use of sanitizers can lead to and exacerbate dry skin issues.

Hand eczema cases have increased since the advent of Covid-19. New guidelines suggest hand lotion or cream should be applied after washing your hands or using hand sanitizer.

Combined with a dab of vitamin E-rich cuticle oil, a richly hydrating hand lotion can work wonders to remedy dryness, cracking, and environmental damage. Packed with a checklist of potent ingredients including Argon oil, vitamin C, and (yes!) even SPF, the best formulas out there offer long-lasting protection to take you well into the spring.

How To Keep Your Hands Clean And Moisturized?

  • After Washing Your Hands: Dry your hands with a clean towel, but leave them slightly damp. Apply a hand lotion to your hands, including fingertips and nails.
  • After Using Hand Sanitizer: Apply a hand lotion immediately after the sanitizer dries.

I tried many products to moisturize my hands but they were not effective at all. My hands remain dry and I start feeling itching on my hands. Then one fine day my friend told me about Bryan & Candy’s Hand and Body Lotion. And this is the most effective product that I have used to keep my hand moisturized.

I ordered Orange and Mandarin Hand and Body Lotion and also Strawberry Hand and Body Lotion. Both the lotions are enriched with Shea Butter and Hyaluronic Acid. It is a light and non-greasy formula to penetrate deep into the skin making it soft, supple & smooth. With a strong antioxidant effect, it protects your skin from the damaging effects of free radicals. This scent is incredibly attractive and lasts for longer than typical mists.

  • Shea Butter: It naturally moisturizes and effectively softens the skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: It helps hydrate skin for long hours and is known to prevent the effects of aging.
  • Strawberry: Refreshing aroma, lightens skin tone, reduces pigmentation, and gives you glowing skin.
  • Orange Peel Oil: It is known for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It increases the ability to absorb vitamin C, collagen production, and blood flow, all of which are essential for anti-aging.
  • Light and Non-Greasy: Its light and non-greasy formula penetrate deep into the skin, making it soft, supple, & smooth.
  • Anti-Aging: Hyaluronic acid provides long-lasting hydration and is known to prevent the effects of aging.

DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED – SLS, Paraben Free – Great for Normal to Dry Skin.

In only three steps, you can get your hands moisturized:

1. Take a dollop of hand & body lotion on your hand.

2. Apply evenly on your skin & massage till it gets completely absorbed in the skin.

3. Use regularly for moisturized hands and body.

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  1. This Hands & Body Lotion really looks amazing and I think I need to buy 1 for my healthy skin. Thank you for sharing this post, I have used some of other brands products but they didn’t give me better results and after reading your review I think Bryan & Candy is suitable for my skin and will help to get vibrant & healthy skin.

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