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Hey guys, how is everyone doing today? After the demonetization last year many people have started using online and mobile banking. Of course, all of this was used even before, but I believe that the number of users must have increased and also the number of scams. Recently, I have faced a similar situation when a person kept calling me about the upgrade of my bank account so I thought its time to remind my self and everyone else about online safety measures. I am sure everyone is already aware of everything but sometimes the most obvious things in life become most difficult; so here goes:
While using your ATM card never ever share your password with anyone. Obvious isn’t it? Yet we tend to do it. Also, it should be little complex; like easy to remember but hard to guess.
Another thing that I have seen people doing is asking your friend or family member to use your card then when they ask for password, yelling it out loud.
We all are very familiar with online banking these days and it is widely used. Sometimes I do online transactions while in office or while using someone else’s laptop. Important thing here is internet browsers have the tendency to ask to save your password and we do use it because we have multiple social media accounts to deal with. This is the place where everyone has to be very careful and not do the same with online banking details.
This is the age of mobile and of course to make our lives easy almost all the banks provide mobile banking and most of us use apps for all kinds of transactions. Never forget to log off from the app when you are done. Mobile is something we all love and we all lose very easily.
One more thing that I would like to emphasise very much from my personal experience, is that banks never call and ask for personal information or OTP. There are so many scams running these days. Whenever in doubt call customer care or visit the nearest branch to be sure about things.
The thing we are all crazy about is free WiFi; but it is strongly recommended not to do any online transactions using any public/open network.

There are some more points also to remember. Make sure you checkout this link , that provides more detail on Computer Security by SBI. Remember all this has been introduced to make our life easy, as long as we do our part and be careful.

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