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Hello there pretty people, Festive season is here and everyone is busy shopping, isn’t it. There was a time when people used to go out for shopping we still do but with time a lot has changed so did the shopping methods. Now we get almost everything online. So, you do not have to go from one shop to another. I do my shopping while cooking, it saves a lot of time for me. When it comes to Online Shopping Myntra is not unknown to anyone. Even in my office I see delivery guys coming in everyday with giant bags. Because Myntra is the brand that you can trust. Most of the times there are great offer running and delivery is quite fast too.They have great collection of clothes, shoes and other accessories as well. I believe like me many people will be looking to buy ethnic wear. Many women might be thinking of wearing saree too. you know what is the biggest trouble when you buy saree, Blouses. I bought about 10 sarees. then I went through all the trouble in world to get them stitched then I got fat within a year and couldn’t even wear all of them. I am sure many of the women out there can relate to this. After this scenario I had an eye-opening moment when I learnt about designer Blouses. So, no need to get that boring matching blouse piece stitched that comes with every saree instead I can buy a very lavish blouse that will go with many of the sarees that I own. The another benefit of these blouses is like you can have a plain chiffon saree, pair it with a heavy really nice looking blouse and you are done. It will be comfortable to wear also very elegant. And why just sarees, these blouses go great with skirts/lehenga as well. This is such a relief. I think we all have had that moment when we had to run around last minute to find blouse of a saree that we planned to wear. I call it last minute blouse mishap, my mom has gone through the same on my wedding day and at the end she had to change the saree itself. To save everyone from this pain, I found a good collection of boluses on Myntra and thought of sharing with you guys.

Of course there are many other choices as well for ethnic wear, for women and men (yes, I have not forgotten you guys 🙂 ).

I will be doing my shopping online and if you are like me who cannot stand in big queue of trial rooms and simply cannot decide what to buy just by going to one shop once, then I think you will be my online shopping buddy. I am pretty sure that everyone knows Myntra’s website already and might already have the app installed.

I hope this information will turnout helpful for you guys and I will see you again after I finish my shopping.

Happy Shopping and Happy Diwali. Do let me know what you bought.


Eat delicious, look fabulous.. 🙂

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