Road Trip to LEPAKSHI

It’s high time to take a break.

Hey everyone, how are you all doing today? My blog has been a year old, kind of surprised that I stick to something this long. I distinctly remember that my first post was about a road trip and then there was nothing, life of an IT employee I suppose. But we have plans this year, there have been plans last year as well but none of them were executed. Contrary to what happened last year we are going to execute ‘em all (fingers crossed). As a token we are starting with another road trip and god please let there be more after this. That is enough of complaining let’s move on to the actual thing I want to tell.

So this Saturday we took a trip to “Lepakshi”, it is in Andhra and about 120kms from Bangalore. I am not going to tell about the history and all sorts of stuff behind this place I think everyone can google it. I am going to share my experience. We planned to leave at 9am but we slept till 9:15am, so that didn’t work. Anyways, we had breakfast got ready and finally we started at 11am. Luckily there was less traffic and weather was good. On the way we faced heavy rain as well and then it stopped and got sunny, this happened couple of times, typical Bangalore weather I would say. On the way there are several restaurants but on husband’s demand we carried “Maggi” the official road trip food with us also I had some leftover fried rice so we took that as well.

Roads are pretty good all the way along and we reached around 1pm, continues driving and 15mins of a lunch break. It was quite sunny and hot there. And also bit of a struggle to find parking place. Basically they will give you parking ticket telling yes there is space after that you are on your own. On that small pathway of parked cars and small shops you make your way to temple. There is a place where you can leave your foot ware but we decided to leave them in car.

To be honest temple is beautiful and quite big, one can easily spend couple of hours roaming around and it is  like heaven for photography if you are interested in that kind of stuff. Lucky for us it was not very crowded that day so we could take couple of good shots.

There are thousands of pillars and one of them is not connected to the floor which is the thing famous about this place “A floating pillars”. So you will find people trying to pass thin clothes from one side to another. You can see that in my Vlog as well. And did I mention monkeys? Yes there are many of them so watch out if you are caring food. On the outside of temple there are small garden area as well on both sides.

On the way back we stopped at “Kamat”  it was around 3pm and they didn’t have much to eat but I was hungry so we had dosa, puri korma and cold coffee. And if you are looking for something fancy then there is “Indian Paratha Company”, mostly it filled with bikers and other regular people. Parathas are very costly but it’s worth to visit at least once. Yeah “Nandi hills” is also on the way but I am not much fond of this place so we didn’t swing by this time.

Over all it was a good trip and a well spent Saturday, I also filmed my first ever travel vlog so do check that out I will link it down below. I have another vacation trip to Bali planned this month so I will share that experience as well. Till then keep enjoying life and do not miss chance to visit new places. I will see you soon.

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