Sleep Training Baby – 4 months onwards

Hey there mommies, if you are landing here directly then let me tell you where are we so far –

  • Baby already knows the difference between day and night.
  • Sleeping by 11PM but only in arms not able to put her in bed before 2am.
  • Have a daily routine and distinct sleep pattern.
  • She is about 4 months old now.

If you wanna know what happened before then you may like to click here first and then come back here.

By this time my maternity leaves were about to come to end and I was in desperate need to search for solution for baby sleep pattern. I am not talking about full night, uninterrupted sleep but at least 4 to 5 hours so I can work throughout the day.

So, here’s what I did –

  • Once she used to fall asleep around 10PM, I used to keep her in my arms or lap without trying to put her on bed till 11:30 PM. Why this time? Because I wanted to maintain 3 hours of gap till the last time, she fed.
  • Now I will put her in bed, of course she used to immediately wake up (she still does) and then feed her. For me this was bottle feed. Because it’s been 3 hours, she will not reject the bottle and by the time she will finish it. She will be in deep sleep on bed. I use bottle but you can breast feed also. After this I breastfeed her about 3 times throughout night and put her on bed.
  • Now this is something I wish I knew before – when she does not allow me to put her on bed, sometimes at night and always during the daytime naps, I take a thin pillow. When she is asleep on my shoulder, I put that pillow on her back and then put her on bed along with it. As she is taller than before now, I adjust her hands and legs by putting extra pillows of stack of blankets. If she wakes up or starts screaming, I place my hands under the pillow and shake my hands.
  • Another very important thing is “White Noise”, this helps babies in calm down and reduces the other noises, so you don’t have to tip toe around the house while she is asleep.
  • Be in the room where baby must sleep while making her fall asleep. Babies do react to temperature changes.
  • I do change her diaper during night. What I observed is if I do this after 4:30AM she wakes up and start playing. I change her diaper when she wakes up to feed around 3 or 3:30. After feeding I put her sleep on bed and wait for few mins so she is comfortably sleeping. Then I remove her diaper and put the new one on. Don’t rush it give her time to settle after each step,in few months you will develop ninja skills.
  • Most important thing is sticking to a routine. Occasional deviation is fine.

Even after all this, there can be unlucky days. Sometimes my daughter does wake up in the middle of the night and starts playing or simply doesn’t want to sleep on bed. But I have gone from no sleep at all to sleeping for 4 to 5 hours which I consider big achievement and all without making her cry. Though things might change a bit when babies start crawling and rolling but you will get through.

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