Sleep Training Baby – 1-3 months

Hey there everyone, I know I have been away for long time. And by this time most of you already know that I am a mother now, yayyyy. To everyone else who do not know, I have a daughter who is by this day 7 and half months old. And I kept my self away from social media during my pregnancy and even after for some time. But now I am back, and you can expect a lot of “Gyaan” about motherhood and babies etc.

I am not going to bore you with the details of my pregnancy journey or birth. But if you want to talk, then I am always here. Let’s focus on something very important. This is going to be a question for all the mothers of a newborn and informative for all would be mothers.

Are you able to make you baby sleep?

Because if she sleeps then you can sleep or work at least. I am not one of the lucky ones whose baby co-operates while sleeping. My baby doesn’t want to sleep period. I have gone through all the literature on internet and blogs about how to sleep train your baby? Every technique involves letting your baby cry. Now, I don’t want my child to cry, at least not for this. In first 2 months she never used to sleep at night, I had to carry her all night. Even if she sleeps, she never used to let me put her down. So here I am listing out common problems that I had and many of you might be facing-

  • She didn’t know the difference between day or night, so she used to sleep early morning and stay awake at night.
  • She never used to let me put her down on bed or crib or whatever.
  • She used to wake up in the middle of night and start playing.

Here is what I did to sleep train my daughter with the result of everything I tried –

  1. Difference of day and night – Every night I used to stay in room with dim light, regardless of she being asleep or awake. Around 11 PM when she is done feeding, I take her to bedroom and stay there. Never play with your baby during night. She needs to know nights are dull and nobody plays at that time. Keep the lights dim.  On the other hand, in the morning keep the house lively and bright. When your baby wakes up in the morning greet her with a big smile on your face like Good Morning. I know it sounds silly, but it does work.

Result- It took me about month and a half and she finally started sleeping around 1am and since then every morning she waits for everyone to say “Good Morning” and passes the most beautiful smile, that makes my day.

  • Understand the pattern – Keep track of all the little signs that your baby gives while sleepy like rubbing eyes and yawning.

Result- I saw that my daughter yawns about 2 3 times before she is ready to sleep.

  • Stick to routine – Make a routine. Like feeding time, massage time etc. and follow it very strictly.

Result– I started following very strict schedule. My daughter used to remain asleep every evening till 8 or 9 pm. I started waking her up slowly by 7 pm and tried to keep her up. Yes this is a very difficult task to keep a newborn baby up when she doesn’t do much. And yeah I failed several times. But I kept trying. My mother-in-law and I used to follow a routine. I will feed her around 9 pm then she will get her massage around 10pm then feed her again around 10:30. Then try to make her sleep.

By 3 months, I was able to make her sleep around 11pm but was not able to put her down till 1 or 2AM. Then she will wake up and feed about 3 times and finally wake up at 8AM in the morning.

This continued for 4 months then I made some changes as she grew, and I grew with her.

Still left with the problem of-

  • Her sleeping in arms till 1am
  • Not being able to put her down even during daytime naps.

I realized that this is becoming a very long post so I will stop here and continue in next post with some very important tips that I follow. So far it does look like that nothing is achieved but this all is base for a long run. And yeah some of the tips that I will share in next post that I wish, I knew before.

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