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About SOBHA:

The name Sobha Limited has been a guarantee of high quality and prompt delivery, earning trust from customers for the last 20 years. Sobha Dream Acres by Sobha Limited is specifically designed for nuclear families and salaried professionals. This project, expected to spread across an area of 81 acres, will consist of 6500 apartment units of 1BHK and 2 BHK variants. The pricing starts from 36 lakhs onwards.

The project has received all its prerequisite approvals from the leading financial institutions like ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, India Bulls, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, and so forth.

Precast technology in the residential segment is rarely adopted in India. Thinking ahead of time, Sobha Dream Acres has turned to precast technology for their construction.

What is Precast Technology?

The material used in precast technology is precast concrete, which is produced by casting concrete in a reusable form work at the plant. The concrete is then cured, transported to the site on a trailer and fitted into place. In contrast, the standard method of construction involves pouring concrete into the form-work and curing at the site itself.

There are several advantages of using precast technology:

1) WEATHERPROOF: Projects constructed using precast concrete is resistant to rain penetration and windblown debris.

2) QUIET: Thanks to precast concrete’s density, sound is reduced effectively. This ensures privacy for the inhabitants, which is an ideal choice for commercial and residential construction.

3) ACOUSTICALLY VERSATILE: Precast concrete can be cast in any shape, size and texture. They can be designed to deflect or absorb sound, thus making for a good acoustic material for auditoriums. This material also acts as an effective sound barrier for projects located along busy roads.

4) THERMALLY EFFICIENT: Precast concrete reacts slowly to changes in outside temperature. This helps in reducing the costs associated with the heating and cooling solutions.

5) PLUG AND PLAY: Utility services and fixtures, such as communication cables, plumbing or windows can be preinstalled in precast concrete. This makes both construction and maintenance easy.

6) WI-FI COMPATIBLE: Precast concrete buildings do not interfere with radio signals. This makes precast concrete the most technology-friendly material for homes and offices.

7) PROTECTS AGAINST FIRE: Since precast concrete is fireproof, it prevents the spread of fire between rooms or properties inside the home.

Use of Precast Technology in Sobha Dream Acres:

1) Precast technology is being used in the construction of Sobha Dream Acres.

2) Carbon Footprint, water consumption, waste and energy usage are being reduced by using precast technology.

3) Precast buildings are fire and earthquake resistant.

Watch the video below for a better understanding of precast technology:

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