Styling hacks : Make your outfit look expensive

Hey there everyone, Let us agree on one point when it comes to putting together your outfit for any given day! There are some items, though, which are worth investing in like: a nice leather handbag, a good pair of jeans, leather boots and a branded watch, These things when paired up with relatively inexpensive stuff, tend to render the entire outfit, a more expensive appearance.Since, you would use these quite frequently with different kinds of outfits,the cost would be justified in long run.Below are some styling hacks you must know.

Accessorize right

Accessories can make or mar the look of an outfit. Have you ever tried pairing a simple top with a multi-chain necklace or noticed how a simple cotton kurti can end up looking so glamorous if you add a pair of chunky earrings or Chaandbalis? Statement jewelry can be incorporated into any outfit to make it look complete and balanced.All monochrome outfits need some pop of color or sparkle to break the monotony. So, never forget to add a watch with a nice, metallic strap or a scarf to add fresh dose of color with your monochrome dresses.

 A pair of earrings lights up your face instantly, you can invest in a pair from Swarovski crystals which might pinch your pocket just one time but picking a versatile design would definitely solve the purpose of not having to switch earrings daily. One universal pair of studs would go with everything.

 If you do not accessorize your outfits, they end up looking dull and boring. So, do not be afraid to experiment a little with your look and add some earrings, chains, chunky necklaces, scarves and watches to your dresser. You do not need to go overboard with accessories but a little glam, here and there is definitely cool.

Your clothes must fit well

 Even the most basic pair of tee shirt and jeans can look like a Million dollars if, it fits you right. Get your clothes tailored or get the ready made ones altered so that they look  flattering on your physique.Any piece of clothing that hugs your curves well without being too tight, ends up looking great.

Invest in quality undergarments

Not everyone of us has an hourglass figure so, it makes total sense to invest in quality undergarments and shape wear. A padded bra that fits well, instantly makes every tee shirt and formal shirt look amazing. Shape wear will help to make your waistline look more slender as a result, your outfit looks smart and chic.

Pay attention to thickness and finish of fabric

Whatever brand you buy from, please make sure that the fabric is good quality and would not shrink or leach color on washing. The brand name does not matter but the quality of fabric does. You can judge the quality by the thickness, softness and finish of the fabric.

Maintain your clothes neatly

Please make your sure clothes are well ironed. Nothing looks more cheap and unsightly than an outfit that is wrinkled!

If your sweat shirts/ sweaters or jackets are showing signs of distress in the form of pilling, please grab a fabric shaver or depiller and get rid of the piling to make your outfit appear new and well taken care of. Was your woolens in liquid detergents that are gentle on the fabrics. Get your expensive clothes dry cleaned and your leather jackets buffed every season to make them look like new.

These were the some of the styling hacks to make your outfit look expensive. To know more check here.

Eat delicious and look fabulous.. 🙂

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  1. What a brilliant post. I am definitely investing in quality undergarments. Would love a similar post on ethnic or indo-westren wear like Evening Gowns , and ethnic wear like kurtas. How can you make such outfits look expensve.
    Great content. Keep posting

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