Thoughts on: “Thought Factory” by Axis Bank

Recently got a chance to be part of ‘Thought Factory‘ launch hosted by Axis Bank. This is Axis Bank’s initiative to collaborate with Global Financial & Tech Cos to Accelerate Start-ups in the Country.

Amit Sethi CIO Axis Bank was the host for the event.Occasion was commenced by few words from Rajiv Anand, Executive Director Axis Bank. He briefed about how “Thought Factory” in Bengaluru is equipped with state of the art infrastructure and technology designed to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in Banking & beyond. This is kind of big step in promoting innovation tendency and allowing startup to actually concur them.

Amit Sethi & Rajiv Anand

The Bank is collaborating with AISPL to contribute to the development of the startup community in India. Startups at Thought Factory will have access to an “Ask an Architect” counter managed by AISPL solution architects, where startups can get in-person answers to their AWS-related technical questions – at no cost. AISPL will also host events at Thought Factory for further engagement with startups. He also talked about possibility of in house mentors to guide through the journey. Following are the mentors  –

  •       Amit Sethi – CIO, AXIS Bank
  •       Balaji N – Head – Business Intelligence Unit, AXIS Bank
  •       Modan Saha – Head – Corporate Strategy, AXIS Bank
  •       Sangram Singh – Head – Cards & Payments, AXIS Bank
  •       Tanu Bhargava – Head – New Economy Group, AXIS Bank
  •       Jagdeep Mallareddy – Head – Retail Lending & Payments, AXIS Bank
  •       Shishir Mankad – Head – Transaction Banking Products, Corporate & FI, AXIS Bank
  •       Thiyagarajan M – Fellow – M&A connect, iSPIRT
  •       Sharad Sharma – Founder, iSPIRT
  •       Sanjay Swamy – Partner, Prime VP
  •       Sijo Kuruvilla George- Founding CEO, Startup Village
  •       Pallav Nadhani – Founder, Fusion Charts
  •       Deepak Ravindran – Founder, Lookup
  •      Praveen Hari – Founder, Thinkflow
  •      Sony Joy – Founder, Chillr
  •      Deepak Agarwal – AVP, Hive Data
  •      Sainath Gupta – Founder  & CEO, Asaanpay
  •      Ashish R Bedekar – Head, Mediatek Labs (India)
  •     Siva Ramamoorthy – Head – India Operations, Ephicacy Lifescience Analytics


Axis Bank introduces In-House Incubator, where inventors work on interesting ideas and experiment with emerging technologies for building breakthrough banking products and solutions. Sounds cool isn’t it.thought-factory-by-axis-bank_1 thought-factory-by-axis-bank_2

After the briefing there was official shutter opening for the Thought Factory. Here comes another surprise. Axis Bank has launched an ‘Active’ fitness band in partnership with GoQii. It allows customers to make payments at NFC-enabled outlets (50,000 in India according to the website), track their fitness and earn reward points from the bank for the same. How cool is that. Being a health conscious person I can’t ask for anymore here. You lose calories and earn money, win win situation. They have a very interesting promotion film for this, check it out here. Vishal Gondal , CEO and founder of GoQii was also present for the event and shared his thoughts and ideas.

Key note speaker was M.Tenith Adithyaa , a genius and teenage inventor of our own. If I start writing his achievements here this blog is gonna fall short. Those who know him are already familiar with his work and those who don’t, you have got to google about him, and he achieved so much in so little time.

Then there was QnA hosted by Surabh Tripathi, Senior partner and Director, Boston consulting group. Followed by the small presentations from startups that are collaborating with “Though Factory”, to name a few – Jocata , JUSPAY , VyMO.

Ended with lunch and people meeting with each other. It was a pretty good experience. Best part about the event is, I got to know about new innovations and how Axis Banking is taking one step further to promote this. Also got to know about some interesting people. It was all so motivational. Being in IT industry from my personal experience I can say , if innovation idea is given right direction then it sure can be realized in real life. I am hopping “Thought Factory” to be the next big thing.

Check out the video featuring Rajiv Anand, Axis bank Exec Director & CIO, introducing the #AXISThoughtFactory and inviting startups and entrepreneurs to come and join.

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