Villains of Wheels

Let’s talk about important things in life. Your family, career, health, home and believe it or not your CAR. There are people, like me, who treats vehicle as member of family. I remember how ecstatic I was when we bought our first car. I think it is same for everyone, one scratch on her is like scar on your own body.

Then comes the servicing part. We all do the first three services, on time, without fail. Because it’s free right. What happens when those 3 servicing are done? Even if you are great driver people around you on road may not be the one. And even with the no visible damage you still have to maintain after all it is a machine and needs it taking care. This is the point when you enter world of pain.

So as normal civilized citizen we find mechanic, referred by some one or the one with big shiny shop. And you feel that your vehicle is in good hand but you end with a giant bill in your hand that explains nothing. You ask the guy and he’ll say thousand things to make you believe that there was a lot wrong with your car. So with the sad face and confused head you take your car and leave. Then lose your sleep thinking this again and again in your head. In best case scenarios your car will break down again and in couple of trips to the shop finally they’ll fix it. Yes this is the best case. On the other hand your car will break down in the middle of nowhere and then some mechanic will tell you that some of parts are not good quality. How can they be bad quality they are supposed to be all original right? But now you don’t know what happened? Who is the villain?

When you brought your precious with all the love and hard earned money then she should get all the correct care. Fulltank Technology Pvt Ltd strives to eliminate these villains.

Customer needs to #BeaHero and fight these Villains to never again face another bad service experience with your car of any sorts.

•             #BeaHero and fight against Unjustified Bills

•             #BeaHero stand against bogus spare parts being used for your car

•             #BeaHero and fight for complete bill transparency

•             #BeaHero and fight against unfair price quotes

•             #BeaHero and let our chauffeur drive you after a Saturday night party.

Fight against these Villains of unfair practices which might give your car a cancer. Give the care that she deserves after all she is family.

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