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When I was young, wait let me correct that. When I was younger, I used to think how do people decide that they can marry someone? I mean what makes them so sure that they can spend rest of their life with this person? Be happy in his/her happiness or be sad when the other person is sad. Put his or her priorities first. Compromise, sacrifices these were all very confusing for me. Then here I am married for 4 years.

Many people and by many people I mean women have certain ideas in their head about how their wedding is going to be? Long before when they even hit the legal age of getting married. And about not talking about the groom, no no no no, I am talking important stuff like wedding ceremony, clothes, makeup, venue kind (I can see you grinning while reading this ?). I cannot begin to explain how important that wedding lehenga is? , even though it has to be worn only for couple of hours. I can tell, you are sensing a lot of sarcasm here.

But unlike this, while I was about to get married I had no plans, none. I never actually thought of how my wedding should be? I had no idea of a dream wedding. Because I honestly thought that I am too precious for my parents and they will never force or even ask me to get married. And I was right, they didn’t but I did 😛 And that was just the start of my career so I had no money.

Mine was a typical Hindu wedding, rituals differ of course on regional basis. I guess the first thing to start with was “Hindu Wedding Invitation Cards”, which is kind of a big deal. You know many times, I decided whether to attend some wedding, based on wedding card. I am sure I am not the only one doing that. Now after 4 years of my wedding I am upset that my parents didn’t consult the design of card with me. You see it’s not like only before wedding you can be upset about things, I turn “Bridezilla” time to time whenever I recall certain thing. Also, the amount of effort it took me to find wedding lehenga. And yet I point to bridal wear on showrooms, asking my husband to buy that for me. Just to hear him say, “You are done, now you will never wear this again”. I honestly don’t know I should be happy or sad on this statement 😀 .

After planning each and every moment chaos still finds its way. To give you an idea, at the last moment my father said my mom’s saree is so very bad and she cannot wear it. And something like no one noticing that I was not wearing “Kalere” while getting married, even though they were specially bought by my friends because it was not the ritual from my parent’s side.

At the end all that matters is your life partner and the loving family (No, I am lying, wedding photos matter the most). On this note, cheers to everyone who has been married for too long or recently or are about to get married.

Here ‘s a video that I made after my wedding. Its kind of old but still worth it.

Eat delicious, look fabulous.. 🙂

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