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Being a social media influencer, it is needed for me to keep myself updated about social media apps and all that, that’s around it. Don’t have to mention the fact that is fun. While we are on the topic of social media apps we all use WhatsApp, like 24/7 and we do change our status based on our mood or current evens etc. etc. wont it be cool if you  get paid to write those things that you actually do for fun? No, I am not joking and neither is it a spam. Recently I can across a web site, which pays to write WhatsApp statuses. Don’t believe me, checkout http://www.whatsstatus.com/ .


So how it works, you sign up, submit your status for approval and you get paid. Pretty neat ain’t it.


There are already more than 60 categories for status and more than 4 thousands of WhatsApp statuses there. You can also checkout statuses submitted by other contributors, like them, share them on different social media platforms or off course use it as your WhatsApp status. Here are few of the top statuses form the site –

You can laugh just anywhere and everywhere in the entire planet. – Lubna

Attitude is an art which is known by few people…..how and where to use… – Pratima

I do not dream of somebody coming in my life and staying back. For me just ‘somebody’ doesn’t work. – Gargi

And many more.

So go head sign up. Once you do that you are all set to start earning. This is the quote for the entries that you submit, for first 200 status they pay Rs 1/Approved Status. After 200 status you get pay Rs 2/Approved Status. You can even check contributors page that will show you how much each contributor of the site has earned.


I know most of the people change their WhatsApp status very frequently, I have many of them in my list and actually I am one of them, so I think this website will be very useful for all of us. And if you think about it you have nothing to lose. You can navigate to find WhatsApp status written by others that you can use and you can post the creative ones that you come up with. It is kind of win win situation, when you get paid for something you do for fun. I am signing up today and I suggest you should too.


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