Winters in Canada

This is not going to be very descriptive and long post but I still thought it was worth sharing. Last month I been to Canada. This was not my first time there but my first time during winter. It was a family visit trip, which means I have home there so I cant really write about hotel recommendation etc. Also most of the time we spent was inside home with family so no details on site seeing as well. We stayed for about 3 weeks and it was snowing all the time and this was the first time I ever saw snowfall. Weather gets too cold but it looks amazing. Around holidays most of the places are closed but if you are shopaholic like me then you will find so many sales. We did manage to pay Niagara Falls a visit and I did realize how difficult it is to use camera at that temperature. So I thought of sharing couple of photos from the trip with everyone just to give the gist about Canadian winter and white Christmas.


Eat delicious and look fabulous.. 🙂

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