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Hey beautiful people, today I am sharing my easy and quick work/office makeup looks with you guys. These can be back to school looks as well but I do not go to school anymore so I am calling them work look. So where you wanna go with this look I leave it up to you. I have gone to office multiple times looking like this so these are wearable and decent enough for anywhere. Here is the tutorial for all 3 looks, the first one is the least that you can do, second one is all matte and long lasting, third one is more peachy bright kind of look. If you are someone who does not like to do touch ups then “Look 2” is the best option. I go to office on a two wheeler with scarf on my face and helmet on my head like many other women out there and none of these looks will get much affected by that can’t say same for hair though. Let’s begin


Look 1

“Colorbar’s I-Glide eye pencil” in shade  Cocobar 002

“Elle 18 Color Burst” in shade Cocoa Crème 14

Look 2

“Ponds BB Crème”

“Maybeline’s Clear Glow compact” shade 02 Nude Beige

“Colorbar’s Just Smokey Kajal” in shade Just Black 001

“Colorbar’s All Matte Eyeliner” in shade Matte Black 001

“Incolor’s Matte Me” in shade 415

Look 3


“Ponds BB Crème”

“Maybeline’s Clear Glow compact” shade 02 Nude Beige

“City Color” Contouring Palette

“Colorbar’s Cheekillusion Blush” in Coral Bliss 014

“Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick” in shade Fiery Sunset

I hope this will be helpful for you guys, if you recreate any of these looks do tag me in your photos. And I will see you all next time.

Eat delicious, look fabulous.. 🙂


Note –

  • I know that first look is very very simple but I think there is nothing wrong with embracing your flaws and letting your skin breath time to time is also important. 🙂
  • I over line my lips with liquid matte lipsticks but I would suggest not to do this with regular cream ones because they tend to bleed out.
  • With the Look-3, throw in some blue line and you have got yourself perky summer/spring look.
  • Both the kajal pencils that I am using are long lasting and smudge free but before it dries out it will give you couple of seconds where you can use smudger to fix everything.
  • I prefer using matte lipsticks to work but not all of them work same, some of them will just come off from the center when you eat or drink. The Incolor one that I am using stays put all day long. And is very affordable.
  • When I say using highlighter that basically means something shimmery, you can very well use any powdered eyeshadow for the same purpose.

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